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Weekly Round-up

Medicinal Cannabis Matters – A weekly round-up.

Medicinal Cannabis Matters | Friday roundup 14th June 2024.

Medicinal Cannabis Matters – Our weekly round-up of what has been happening in the world of medicinal cannabis this week. 

This week we look into the research around the cannabis compound which shows promise in reducing sleep disturbances. We explore how cannabis terpenes could hold the key to managing chronic pain, and we look into a study showing how medicinal cannabis may be linked to lower rates of prostate cancer. We also look into the approval of cannabis use in adults in Slovenia, and finally how cannabis extracts could reduce the burden on Israeli pain patients. 

A cannabis compound shows promise in reducing sleep disturbances. 

A recent study has explored the potential in CBD to help reduce sleep disturbances. The researchers in this study aimed to provide a clearer understanding of CBN’s potential benefits for sleep. Read more about what they discovered here:

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Cannabis terpenes could hold the key to managing chronic pain. 

A recent study shows that cannabis terpenes could be useful to reduce pain as much as morphine. Terpenes, which are naturally occurring in the medicinal cannabis plant have been looked into for their medicinal benefits and each tested against Morphine. Read more about the study by clicking the link below.

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A study shows cannabis use is linked to lower rates of prostate cancer. 

Medicinal cannabis use could be linked to lower rates of prostate cancer. Research was conducted into the link between medicinal cannabis use and a lower rate of prostate cancer.  Read more in the article below. 

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Voters approve Adult-Use Cannabis Legalisation Measure In Slovenia.

Voters in Slovenia approve the adult use of medicinal cannabis legalisation. With growing momentum for legalisation in Europe, the vote in Slovenia had over 700,000 votes and the referendum measure was approved, further modernising the nation’s cannabis policies. 

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Studies show medicinal cannabis extracts reduce disease burden in Israeli pain patients.

Cannabis extracts have been shown to reduce disease burden for Israeli pain patients. Researchers in Israel conducted a study looking into the disease burden rates and cannabis extract use among chronic pain patients. Read the full study below.

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